As a car owner you will know that one of the worst seasons for your car is the winter as the colder weather, snow, ice and road salt can be horrible for the longevity of your car. But, if you are looking to ensure that your car won't succumb to the winter weather and will continue to perform at high levels for much longer, make the trip over to Budd Baer Subaru in Washington, PA and our dealership's on-site service center will be the perfect place to have your car taken care and prepared for the winter.

When you are preparing your Subaru for the winter, our service center is the perfect place to visit! We are prepared to bring your car the attention to detail and best possible service that is needs to stand out and keep you feeling confident on any adventure.

Preparing your car for the winter weather may seem like a lot of work, but with our help it will be a breeze! There a few different things you will need to do to keep it impressing on any road.

  • Give your car a nice car wash to make sure it is clean for the winter
  • Change your oil and check your fluids
  • Check the health of your tires and maintain the proper PSI as the colder weather can make your tires deflate
  • Replace your wipers if you notice streaks on your windshield or notice added noise

It really can be this easy to get your Subaru prepared for the winter and if it is time for you to do just that, schedule your next appointment right now! Our staff members will make sure that you are going to get your car ready for winter with ease.

Make the drive over to Budd Baer Subaru and visit our service center. To make your visit even more exciting, take advantage of our numerous service promotions and get the help you deserve. See you soon!

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