Among the many new Subaru models found here, we still have some excellent new 2020 editions left over. While the new 2021 and incoming models offer the absolute latest in technology and features, you'll find amazing value with the 2020 editions of the Impreza and WRX we have in stock. Better yet, by buying or leasing a year-old new model, you'll save considerably as we try to clear out space on our lot for the newest editions coming in. Head over to our Washington, PA Subaru dealership today or be in touch and get started on a great deal with a new 2020 Impreza or WRX.

For daily commuters, a new 2020 Subaru Impreza is a great way to go. Offered as a sedan or hatchback, this is a rare small car that includes a standard all-wheel drive system, which keeps you in control when driving through rainy or snowy conditions. Furthermore, the latest Impreza editions from 2021, which we also have, carry over mostly unchanged, so by saving on a year-old version of our small sedan or hatchback, you're still equipping yourself with an updated everyday small car with all kinds of features you want.

The new 2021 Subaru WRX, however, is redesigned and still on its way toward our Washington, PA dealership. That's where you'll want to consider if a new 2020 WRX works for your desired performance levels, style and tech features that you want to take with you. No matter what you're after, we'll make sure you can successfully buy or lease the right kind of new 2020 Subaru model, whether you're visiting us in person or shopping online, so be in touch today to get started.

Discover the value of a new 2020 model here at Budd Baer Subaru and start shopping today before visiting for a test drive.

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