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Buying vs Leasing Your New Subaru: Explore Your Options in Washington

With so many exciting upgrades to the new Subaru model lineup, it's more tempting than ever before to get into a brand-new Outback, Impreza, WRX, Forester, or Crosstrek. But if you can't decide whether a practical auto loan or a flexible Subaru lease is going to be the better option for you, you might be stuck in your tracks in Washington, Canonsburg, Bethel Park, or Pittsburgh PA.

Well, we're here to tow you out of that rut.

Because at Budd Baer Subaru, we staff several leasing experts who know the system back to front, and who can help you figure out what's going to be the best fit for your unique financing and driving situation. Let's start just by taking a quick look at the benefits offered by leasing vs buying a Subaru AWD sedan, hatchback, or SUV.

Why Lease a New Subaru in Washington?

  • Get into a brand-new car every two or three years--without needing to take on the responsibility of selling your current vehicle
  • Pay less per month than buying
  • Lower debt-to-income ratio; when you lease, your debt for the "loan" is only the cost of the vehicle that you'll be using over the course of the term
  • Stay on top of the latest comfort, connectivity, and safety technology by upgrading with new generations

Why Buy a New Subaru in Washington?

  • Drive as much as you'd like; though Subaru leases offer up to 30,000 miles traveled per year, some people prefer no limits at all
  • Modify your vehicle as you please--add detailing, accessories, etc.
  • Go anywhere, any time--when you buy a vehicle outright, you don't have to worry about travel limits or being tied down to a lender
  • Build equity for a future sale or trade-in

If you're not sure whether buying vs leasing a Subaru is going to be the better option--or even if you are sure--we encourage you to consider all of the factors that go into making the decision: your annual mileage driven, your monthly budget, your driving habits and how much wear and tear you typically put on a vehicle. For help, contact our finance center to chat with the professionals.

Subaru Lease-End Options

While buying a Subaru gives you an open-ended opportunity to do whatever you'd like with the vehicle going forward, leasing does have a few stipulations; and at the end of your lease term, you can choose to buy it, lease it, or leave it.

If you're head-over-heels in love with the car, you can choose to buy it for a pre-agreed-upon price; if you've taken exceptionally good care of your vehicle you could actually end up paying less than the car is worth, and come out "on top" of your loan.

If you loved leasing and want to continue, the Budd Baer financing team can whip up a brand new lease for you, either on a brand-new model of the same type, or a different body style to fit your changing needs. At this time, you can also choose a downpayment option and increase or decrease your annual mileage limit.

If you can't decide, or you want to explore your options elsewhere, you can simply hand us the keys, settle up any outstanding taxes, fees, or payments, and walk away with limitless options. You can always return to Budd Baer Subaru in the future!

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