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There's something very beautiful about winter in Washington, Canonsburg, Bethel Park, and Pittsburgh--the softly falling snow, the quiet chill of the night. But when you're trying to get to work, to pick up groceries, or head downtown for a night out, the beauty of winter is quickly overwhelmed by the inconvenience and annoyance of dirty slush in the roads, black ice, harsh salt, and irritated fellow drivers.

Fortunately, with quick and easy winterization prep in Washington, you can make sure that at least your Subaru is ready for the worst of winter weather, even if you're not.

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You don't have to be a master technician to follow these simple tips, but some are more time-consuming than others. If you don't want to spend your precious daylight hours struggling with tires or engine fluids, our service team can take care of the whole process for you.

Subaru's Top Winterization Tips

  • Check the levels of your coolant/antifreeze--add more if needed to top off
  • Test the charge of your car battery to make sure that its strong enough to make it through the whole season--more car batteries die in cold temperatures than any other time
  • Inspect the condition and fill level of your washer fluid--add more if needed, or consider adding a winter-specific formula to better tackle the slush and salt
  • Trade out your summer or all-season tires for a good, quality set of winter/snow tires. Specifically designed to withstand the cold and the elements, winter tires give you the best possible traction when the roads are at their worst

Don't have time to wait for an appointment? Need to get ahead of winter weather now?

Consider the Express Service Center at Budd Baer Subaru; no appointments are necessary and lines move quickly. We can take care of all the basics, like battery checks and oil changes, so you can get back out there faster.

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